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Willow Tree Roots Peru

Our program in Peru seeks to empower women out of poverty by providing them with business development and entreprenueral opportunities.


In Peru, women are disproportionately affected by poverty.  Poverty affects women disproportionally because of their caring roles and their lesser access to paid employment.  Societal prejudice and discrimination has led to disproportionate poverty and unemployment rates for women. Women are more likely to work in the informal sector or in less secure occupations and they are more likely to be illiterate due to lack of formal education. While the law prohibits discrimination in employment and educational opportunities based on sex, the arbitrary dismissal of pregnant women, and discrimination remains common. The law stipulates that women should receive equal pay for equal work, but women often are paid less than men for equal work. Girls and women are well behind boys in educational terms.  Furthermore, violence against women in Peru still remains a significant problem. According to the United Nations, almost 40% of women in Peru have experienced physical violence from a husband or partner in their lifetime.  The Ministry of Women and Vulnerable Populations reported that seven in 10 women have suffered both physical or psychological abuse. Indigenous women, especially from poor and rural areas, are particularly marginalized.


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